Is it too good to be true?

itstru Technology

Developing a rubber underlayment is simple. Creating technology to fusion bond it to ANY manufacturer's flooring surface is not. Through years of dedication and man-power, Ecore has created a technology that features record-setting levels of recycled content - an Ecore rubber underlayment - that it can marry to any proven flooring system - hard or soft! The result? An unprecedented, durable flooring system that is better than the original. Is this technology too good to be true? No itstru!

Ecore's patented itstru technology results in surfaces with anti-fatigue capabilities that meet and exceed all standards for low VOC emissions. This revolutionary technology allows for greater design diversity and more sustainable options for the education, fitness, retail, and healthcare space.

Our products are simple to make, but difficult to master

Ecore has been manufacturing recycled rubber flooring products for more than 25 years and has mastered how to create a proprietary flooring system that is, in many ways, hard to match. Ecore uses the highest quality recycled rubber and premium quality binder, which is why we are able to stand behind our products.

Our technology makes our partner's products better

itstru technology creates a final product that is setting new standards in the flooring industry. The Ecore 90% recycled rubber backing brings the stability and leadership of Ecore products to our partners' flooring products. The result is a new surface that is better than the original version!

How it Works

itstru technology fusion bonding process

Step 1

Used tires are sourced and collected for shredding.

Step 2

Processed tires are ground into rubber crumb.

Step 3

Adhesive is added and the crumb is cured in large cylinders.

Step 4

The resulting log is peeled to the desired underlayment thickness.

Step 5

The underlayment is fusion bonded to a myriad of flooring surfaces.

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