October 17th 2009

ECORE International announced today that its recycled rubber products have received FloorScore certification, for a second consecutive year. FloorScore certification, developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute in partnership with Scientific Certification Systems, measures flooring systems according to the stringent indoor air quality criteria established by the state of California. Products that adhere to FloorScore standards are independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and qualify for use in California high performance schools. To meet California state VOC requirements (section 01350), FloorScore requires rigorous product testing. It also entails auditing of the manufacturing site, annual re-certification requirements, product records, and a tangible quality control plan from the organization.

"FloorScore certification represents our broader organizational commitment to quality at ECORE International; quality that extends beyond our physical products to include our contributions toward the sustenance of both personal and environmental health," states Kathryn Ross, director of marketing and inside sales, ECORE International.

ECORE brands receiving certification include ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring, Everlast sports surfacing with Nike Grind, PlayGuard safety surfacing, and QT Sound Insulation. Each brand has been certified under "Rubber Tile and Roll Goods" and will retain its current certification for one year, necessitating renewal in October of 2010. As representation, they have obtained registration number SCS-FS-01793.

For more information on FloorScore certification click here.