January 25, 2017

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into performance surfacing, is proud to announce the launch of its newest collection: AttainSilence. This collection consists of two products that can be sold separately as well as together to create a dynamic acoustical system. Attain is a traditional luxury vinyl tile that is available in three options, 2-millimeter, 2.5mm, and a 4.2mm floating floor. ECOsilence is a sound control underlayment available in 3 thicknesses, 1mm, 2mm and 5mm. The combination of Attain and ECOsilence creates AttainSilence, an attractive resilient flooring system available in wood and texture visuals that attains silence by insulating sound and vibration. AttainSilence is available in 5 configurations that address common acoustical challenges floor-ceiling assemblies in Multi-Family and Hospitality applications.

"AttainSilence is unique in the marketplace, because Ecore provides a warranty on the entire system," said Bo Barber, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Ecore. "We provide a warranty on both the physical and acoustical performance of the total system. Sound and vibration has become a big challenge for the flooring industry. It is a complicated science, and we are excited to leverage our experience in acoustics, along with a wealth of testing data, to make the process easier for our customers to attain silence."

The 2mm systems are recommended for light commercial and residential areas, specifically multifamily, while the 2.5mm systems can be described as the work horse for commercial applications, and the 4.2mm click system is a floating floor designed for light commercial.

To learn more about AttainSilence visit: http://ecorecommercialflooring.com/Products/AttainSilence/AttainSilence.