October 1st 2010

ECORE International, established industry leader in recycled rubber surfacing solutions, expands its capabilities with the introduction of fusion bonded itstru Technology. A patent-pending, revolutionary innovation poised to transform the flooring industry, itstru Technology enables ECORE's proven recycled rubber product to be bonded with a diverse variety of textile wear layers. Unlike any process introduced in the flooring industry to date, the itstru technology combines two diverse surfacing systems to create one durable and environmentally sustainable product with a backing composed of a record-setting 97% post-consumer content. While ECORE is positioning itstru Technology to become an ingredient brand available to multiple manufacturers, it will be initially introduced through the Contender line of fitness products from ECORE's Everlast sports surfacing brand. "We are currently developing our own products with itstru Technology," states ECORE President and CEO, Art Dodge, "But in the near future we intend to make the technology available to interested industry partners. The strategic projection and product possibilities are limitless."

Products made with itstru Technology gain the anti-fatigue, sound dampening, shock absorptive, and sustainable qualities innate to ECORE's recycled rubber surfacing. Itstru Technology also creates products with many sustainable benefits, providing a backing composed of 97% post-consumer recycled content. This enables wear layer systems without any renewable content to be transformed into green surfacing solutions, produced with state-of-the-art equipment that requires minimal heat and reuses scrap to decrease waste. With its sustainable processes and recycled backing, itstru Technology may enable projects to qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

ECORE International has been leading the industry in innovative production development since its foundation in 1989. For over twenty years the company has been engineering new ways to reduce the nation's landfills and reuse scrap tires to create durable, functional, and aesthetic surfacing solutions.

ECORE's industry success and commitment to advancement has gained the attention of internationally recognized brands such as Nike, who now partners with ECORE to include recycled Nike Grind rubber in all of ECORE's Training Ground and Everlast standard rubber products. From governmental and military applications to commercial projects and schools, ECORE has positioned itself as a trusted source for versatile and reliable recycled rubber surfacing solutions throughout the world.

As a continuation of this commitment to innovation and industry leadership, ECORE spent five years in intensive research and development processes to create itstru fusion technology. A result of keen technological foresight and a natural extension of ECORE's commitment to innovation, itstru Technology factory fuses ECORE recycled rubber underlayment to a variety of fiber wear layer options. "Itstru Technology is more than just another carpet backing system," states Dodge, "It's a new form of flooring production, creating one permanently bonded product out of two diverse systems. This results in unmatched durability and turns installation from a multiple-step process into an easy one-step undertaking."

Sustainability Commitment
In accordance with ECORE's commitments to personal and environmental health, all materials used in itstru production processes have been determined to be non-emitting resources and safe for application even under the most stringent indoor air quality requirements. The health of the raw material components in itstru's backing has been supported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a 2009 article on The Use of Recycled Tire Materials on Playgrounds & Artificial Turf Fields, and these findings have been confirmed in similar studies conducted by multiple national and international sources. These third-party verifications validate the safety of materials used by itstru Technology and confirm that the durable, stable, and sustainable products created with the technology's fusion bonding process adhere to the most rigid indoor air quality standards. To obtain further information regarding itstru Technology and its cutting edge capabilities click here.