January 23rd 2012

ECORE International, the leading innovator in recycled products technology, announces the opening of its York, Pennsylvania campus. The 500,000 square foot facility is now home to the largest, most advanced recycled rubber manufacturing operation, with the capacity to process and refine over 100 million pounds of scrap tire rubber annually, into the greenest most sustainable floor coverings currently available. In addition, this facility will house the company's itstru technology, a patent-pending process that enables ECORE to produce the highest recycled-content flooring, as well as to research unlimited generations of new products. ECORE's York Campus, which represents a $20 million investment, currently employs 35 skilled staff, from engineers to facility technicians.

"At ECORE we strive to create products that amaze our customers, while positively impacting the environment," said Art Dodge, President of ECORE International. "Here, we maintain a culture of innovation, passion and commitment for doing what's best for our 260 employees, our shareholders, our planet and our community-at-large. We're excited by what we have accomplished and will strive toward creating more skilled, manufacturing jobs in this region, as well as generating returns for our investors."

US Senator Pat Toomey spoke to those attending the January 2012 opening, commenting on the company's ability to thrive during a challenging economic environment. ECORE plans a more formal celebratory event in honor of the opening later this year.