November 14, 2014

QT Sound Insulation, which is manufactured by ECORE, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfaces, is proud to announce it recently outperformed Pliteq Geniemat, Impacta VC300 and Jumpax under LVT. QT is engineered for use directly under most floor finishes and yields exceptional impact sound insulation results. Backed by more than 400 independent laboratory and field tests, ECORE QT continues to outperform competing products in each thickness category since 2001.

As the successor corporation to Dodge-Regupol Inc., ECORE International has maintained the same manufacturing location and processes since the company was renamed. Thus, the ECORE QT product is identical to the product previously known as Dodge-Regupol QT. Additionally, ECORE is the sole owner of Patent Number RE 41,945, which covers various process claims for recycled rubber underlayments associated with sound control. All Dodge-Regupol tests are the exclusive property of ECORE and any representations to the contrary are false and misleading.

Any products in the marketplace that do not carry the QT brand name are produced by competitors. This includes Pliteq GenieMat and Regupol America.

To ensure the quality construction, it is important for specifers to update their specifications from Dodge-Regupol QT to ECORE QT. This has been in effect since 2007. Please visit for QT's latest brochures, test data (acoustic, Robinson wheel, fire), and technical specifications.