December 17, 2014

ECORE Commercial Flooring (ECF) is proud to announce the re-launch of ECOsurfaces, its successful recycled rubber flooring line for commercial applications. Created more than 20 years ago, ECOsurfaces is a beautiful, versatile, and durable flooring collection that absorbs energy, vibration, and noise. The innovative line now features 78 patterns, 29 of which are brand new.

"First, we introduced several new Colormill color chips," said Lori Dowling, President of ECORE Commercial Flooring. "This allowed us the flexibility to develop many new color combinations, which includes some of the hottest trends in color and design in the industry. Most of the 29 new color patterns are very bright, which gives the line a completely new energy." ECF leaned heavily on color consultant, Maurie O'Neill, owner of O2 Strategies, for inspiration and guidance throughout the new product development process.

In addition to new color visuals, ECF has also adopted a new approach to presenting ECOsurfaces to Architects and Designers. With the launch of this line, a brand new ECOsurfaces Architectural Folder is being released, which features four core product options, followed by the extensive spread of color patterns. The process of choosing a solution first and THEN a color pattern is completely new for ECF and something many of its customers have requested.

ECOsurfaces four core surfacing solutions include: ECOsurfaces Classic, which is ideal for all commercial environments, is available in rolls, tiles, interlocking tiles, and several thicknesses. ECOrx is designed for retail, pharmaceutical, banking, and hospitality environments, where people stand for long periods of time. ECOrx has been streamlined to one, standard thickness of fusion-bonded, energy-returning flooring and is available in rolls and interlocking tiles. ECOfit is a brand new fusion-bonded solution, developed with a focus on dynamic energy return. It is ideal for health and fitness applications or a very active work environment and is available in rolls and interlocking tiles. ECOmax is a durable, square, beveled, footed tile, available in two thicknesses and is designed for use in weight rooms or rooftop patios.

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