June 1st 2009

On Saturday, May 16, the Franklin & Marshall women's lacrosse team claimed the Division III national championship, its second division victory in three years. The team faced off against fellow finalist Salisbury State in a riveting overtime battle to secure an 11-10 win. The women played with skill, drive, and passion under their first-time head coach Lauren Paul and were pushed on toward success by their elevated training standards and quality home field facilities. Both the Diplomat ladies and their opposing counterparts from Salisbury State University trained and fought hard all season on home fields made of synthetic turf from A-Turf that was installed to promote effective game play and help withstand rigorous athletic activity. Synthetic grass surfacing provider, A-Turf, a division of ECORE International, provided the home lacrosse fields for both Franklin & Marshall College and Salisbury University. At A-Turf a commitment to high quality, durable, and sustainable products is paralleled by a drive to see receiving organizations achieve health and competitive success. A-Turf supplies essential tools to enable athletes and organizations throughout the United States to realize their competitive goals and make a difference in the communities around them.

The Championship Franklin and Marshall women's lacrosse team has trained and competed on an A-Turf field, propelling them to another success as Division III national champions for 2009. The team's hard work and dedication has established them as competitive force to be reckoned with and a pride to both their school and surrounding community. ECORE International and A-Turf would like to congratulate both teams for their successful seasons and the lady Diplomats for their championship victory.