June 3, 2016

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfacing, is proud to announce it is now offering Expona Flow, a heterogenous 2mm thick polyurethane surface that is perfect for healthcare applications.

Expona Flow is ideal in heavily trafficked areas, because it's durable and easy to maintain. This surface's diverse aesthetics provide facilities with the option of creating a healing environment that's soothing and home-like or modern and daring. Available in 50 colors, Expona Flow has the appearance of everything from wood planks to textiles, woven surfaces, pearlescence, and concrete.

In addition to being 100 percent recyclable, Expona Flow has earned the BRE Global Environmental Generic A+ rating in major use areas. The BRE environmental profile is awarded to products that show high levels of environmental consideration throughout the entire manufacturing process.

To learn more about Expona Flow, visit: http://www.ecorecommercialflooring.com/expona/expona_flow.php.