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Stack of used tires in a recycling facility with conveyor belts and industrial equipment.

We’ve been sustainable from the start

Ecore was born “green.” From harvesting the benefits of wood without harming trees to now repurposing rubber into high-performance athletic flooring, Ecore has paved the way for creating surfaces that provide exceptional safety, ergonomics, and acoustic benefits for thousands of people interacting with our surfaces every day.

million lbs.
Diverted more than 400 million pounds of truck tires from landfills
million lbs of CO2
Avoided 9.5 million lbs of CO₂ emissions
87 %
87% post-consumer recycled content
40 %
Uses 40% less energy than standard industry procedures
The amount of natural gas we conserve each year could service 120 average American homes

Virtually zero waste; virtually zero odors

Through our energy-efficient processes and technology, we use minimal water, little to no heat, no smokestacks, and reuse the scrap, bringing our flooring surfaces full circle when it comes to upcycling. All of this results in a cleaner, high-quality reclaimed rubber flooring surface that’s virtually free from off-gassing and odors. 

Worker handling a large sheet of rubber material through a machine in an industrial setting.

TRUcircularity™ Program

The TRUcircularity™ program helps companies like yours reclaim their existing rubber flooring and replace it with new Ecore-engineered, high-performance flooring. We take your old rubber flooring and recycle it into Ecore products that will benefit other facilities in the near future. Shortly after your old flooring reclamation and new flooring installation, you’ll receive a certificate sharing your specific positive impact on our planet. Join us in going full circle, and become a participant and our partner in this exciting revolution.

Request a Reclamation

Step 1

Click “Request a Reclamation” button above and fill out and submit the form. This should only take a few minutes.

Step 2

Within three days of receiving your information, we will contact you to provide you with an execution and cost proposal for you to approve.

Step 3

We will provide you with recycling bins to place your old flooring. Please ensure no other debris or non-rubber material is placed in the bins.

Step 4

Within five days after you confirm your bins are ready for pickup, we will schedule a date and time to remove them.

Ecore’s Environmental Product Declarations

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) is a verified document that discloses a product's environmental impact through a life cycle assessment (LCA) and adheres to ISO 14025 standards (Type III Environmental Declarations). Governed by Product Category Rules (PCR), these documents establish guidelines for specific product categories, ensuring transparency and comparability between EPDs. Our products undergo a stringent EPD process, featuring a comprehensive life cycle assessment based on ISO 14040 standards.

Football player in a stance on a field, preparing for a play, with teammates and opponents in the background.

Ecore’s Health Product Declarations

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) disclose the potential hazards associated with a building product ingredient. HPDs were created by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, who established the Open Standard which consists of a defined format and rules for reporting. Several of our products have Health Product Declarations.

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LEED®, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized green building program that offers third-party verification for sustainable construction. It empowers building owners with tools to enhance performance and create healthy indoor environments. Many interior products have the potential to contribute points to LEED; but, since credits are based on the performance of all the products involved in a particular project, there is not one stand-alone product that can guarantee you will obtain LEED credits. It is the combination, and the weight of each, that is critical.

Luxurious modern bedroom with large windows showing a cityscape, stylish furniture and elegant decor.

FloorScore and VOC Certification

Ecore products have been tested and deemed compliant in accordance with California Department of Public Health (CDPH) (California Specification 01350).

Close-up of a large roll of black rubber material used for industrial purposes, showing texture and speckled design.


The MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP), developed in collaboration with Marriott International, the US Green Building Council, and industry stakeholders, rates environmental and social impacts on a 200-point scale across nine metrics throughout a product's life cycle. Certifications and eco-labels serve as proof points, facilitating easy product comparison and selection. Ecore's Vinyl + Composition Rubber, Calendered Rubber + Composition Rubber, and Composition Rubber have achieved Leader status in MSAP.

UL Environment Certifications

Ecore International (Lancaster, PA facility) has achieved a Landfill Diversion rate of 99%, including 28% Thermal Processing with Energy Recovery.

Ecore International (York, PA facility) has achieved a Landfill Diversion rate of 100%, including 19% Thermal Processing with Energy Recovery.