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Ecore At Home

Performance flooring that makes training in your home gym or fitness room safe, quieter and more comfortable.

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Preferred by athletes and trainers all over the world, Ecore residential sports and fitness flooring empowers your training by absorbing impact on joints and returning energy back to the body. It’s made using a patented process that diverts rubber from landfills, creating a unique surface that helps enhance performance while reducing impact on the planet.

Can a floor do more?

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Featuring vulcanized composition rubber, our floors help reduce the risk of injury from a fall and feature a high coefficient of friction for slip resistance.

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Do what you love longer with Ecore residential flooring, made to lessen the impact of repetitive exercise on joints while returning positive energy back to the body for improved performance.

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Ecore flooring mitigates the energy of sound, like dropped weights, to create a quieter environment in your training space and the rooms around it.

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Ecore at Home lets you train or work out on the same beloved, long-lasting Ecore surfaces you use at the gym. From rubber gym flooring to vinyl rolls to turf, Ecore provides you with many home flooring options for your indoor space. Our rubber flooring solutions can help you reduce noise and protect concrete from dropped weights in your home gym. We also make athletic floors that dampen the sound of footsteps and help reduce noise between one room and the next — so your online Zumba class doesn’t disturb those around you.

Choose Ecore for the flooring in your home gym or any other space in your house.

About Ecore

Ecore designs and manufactures flooring that empowers human performance with safe, quiet, and ergonomic flooring. Our team is driven by the question: Can a floor do more? For us, the answer is "yes." Ecore, headquartered in Lancaster, PA, serves athletic and commercial flooring customers in more than 75 countries.