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Lawn area and walking path at a residential community.

Rubber flooring that puts performance at play

Whether you’re refreshing an outdoor playground, sport field, or indoor training space – Ecore has a variety of surfaces that inspire movement. From friendly competitions to a simple game of tag, our indoor and outdoor surfaces provide exceptional durability, comfort, safety, and noise reduction for all who come in contact with them.

Long-lasting outdoor athletic flooring

Playground icon

Level up your play zones with flooring that works hard, so kids can play harder. Our products surpass industry standards for impact absorption, ensuring the safety of everyone—big and small—who uses them.

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Walking Paths

Ecore’s flooring lets you take a stroll with comfort and confidence. Our rubber surfaces are easy to install, and have exceptional force reduction, comfort, and friction in both wet and dry weather conditions.

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Recreational Turf Surfaces

Our flooring provides a safe and ergonomic field that prevents falls and injuries. Our recreational turf surfaces have incredible energy restitution, force reduction, and performance so athletes can play at their best.

Envision your new recreational space with Ecore

Blueprint of a recreation facility featuring suggested Ecore flooring options for each room or space