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An Ecore flooring sample of Vulcanized Composition Rubber that is fusion bonded to a turf surface.

The fusion of design and performance.

itsTRU® Technology is the process of taking Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) and fusion bonding it to a variety of other surface materials with heat and pressure. This process creates an NRG Factor, where the base layer or “muscle” works to absorb force while giving energy back to the body. itsTRU® Technology provides countless design aesthetics, with the performance and durability athletes need.

An Ecore flooring sample of Vulcanized Composition Rubber that is fusion bonded to a turf surface.

How it works

Step 1: Creating the Muscle

Material is collected, sorted, and ground into pellets or small particles for uniformity, then screened to remove contaminants from commercial tire rubber. It's blended precisely with binders to surpass customer specifications. Finally, pressure is applied, creating our VCR “muscle".

Step 2: Utilizing itsTRU® Technology

Utilizing our patented itsTRU® Technology, our VCR “muscle” is then factory fusion bonded to another surface layer material by way of heat and pressure creating the ideal performance flooring solution.

Step 3: Endless Design and Performance

With itsTRU® Technology, we've unlocked the capability to combine our "muscle" to an expanding array of surfaces, creating turf products, vinyl creations, and whatever the next big flooring trend may be. itsTRU® Technology ensures that our products remain at the forefront of innovation, catering to evolving market demands and pioneering new standards in performance flooring.

itsTRU® Technology

Creating a myriad of designs and finishes with virtually zero waste, itsTRU® Technology is Ecore’s patented process that transforms reclaimed materials into high-performance indoor and outdoor surfaces. This technology results in flooring that provides more safety, more sound and vibration mitigation, and more enhanced force reduction and energy restitution.

Athletic surfaces on time and on budget

We know timing is everything. Our sales representatives will work with your schedule and budget to ensure you get the flooring products you need, when you need them.

Gym owner holding a tablet overseeing everything within their indoor basketball court.