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Ecore surfaces provide critical ergonomic support in the form of force reduction and energy restitution. For any body in motion, that means reducing stress on joints while returning positive energy back into the body. A supportive floor can help reduce pain and fatigue, increase productivity, and lower claims and treatments, helping you manage insurance rates in the long run.

Products for Ergonomic Performance

Performance Modzilla - 1 5/8" System

Designed for extreme and Olympic-style weightlifting and training, our 42.5mm Performance Modzilla surface provides the ultimate flooring solution for serious athletes.

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Performance Rally

Performance Rally is a 14.5mm surface tailored for heavy strength and conditioning, available in both rolls and interlocking tiles.

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RageTurf Rally

With a 12mm VCR base layer, RageTurf Rally can handle the impact of moderate weight, making it ideal for functional training applications.

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baller rally class ii swatch
Baller Rally Class II

Baller Rally Class II features a 2mm vinyl surface layer factory fusion bonded through itsTRU technology to a 12mm VCR base layer to create a Class II court.

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