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Falls and fall-related injuries are major issues in commercial and athletic flooring environments. Our resilient flooring products utilize Vulcanized Composition Rubber to create a high coefficient of friction for slip resistance, helping to reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. Our products promote performance and help keep people safe.

Safety Forward Products

Performance Rally

An ergonomically advanced system featuring a 12mm base layer fusion bonded to the Performance wear layer.

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Performance Monster

Custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, Performance Monster combines an 8mm base layer with an added shock pad. 

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Performance Modzilla - 1 5/8" System

Designed for olympic-style weight lifting, Performance Modzilla adds a 32mm shock pad to the Performance Beast system. 

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Performance UltraTile

A molded tile offering enhanced shock absorption against impact in moderate to extreme weight drop applications.

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RageTurf Rally

With a 12mm VCR base layer, RageTurf Rally can handle the impact of moderate weight, making it ideal for functional training applications.

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RageTurf UltraTile

Offering enhanced durability and shock absorption, RageTurf UltraTile features a 1" VCR base layer molded to the RageTurf wear layer. 

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FlexTurf Monster

By combining our Monster shock pad with our FlexTurf wear layer, we've created the ultimate safe and ergonomic training surface.

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FierceTurf Monster

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, FierceTurf features a polyethylene turf surface field united to either a 10 or 12mm VCR shock pad.

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HydroGrip Motivate

HydroGrip Motivate features a superior slip-resistant surface layer fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer.

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baller rally class ii swatch
Baller Rally Class II

Baller Rally Class II features a 2mm vinyl surface layer factory fusion bonded through itsTRU technology to a 12mm VCR base layer to create a Class II court. 

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