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Close up of player setting a soccer ball on the turf field, ready to kick, teammates in the background.

Turf surfaces made for speed and agility

The RageTurf collection lets athletes push, pull, lift, and move how they want to. Ideal for footwork drills, sled work, and other functional training – the RageTurf collection is made of a dense, textured polyethylene surface that’s designed to withstand tough traffic and impact.* 

*Not suitable for studded cleats.

RageTurf collection products


With its enhanced durability, shock absorption, and sound absorption, the RageTurf collection is best suited for any type of strength and conditioning or functional training spaces.

Strength icon
Strength & Conditioning

Whether it’s for a fitness gym or a strength and conditioning facility, our athletic surfaces are tough enough to withstand repetitive, heavy-weight impact.

Fitness icon

From the intensity of a HIIT workout to the deep concentration of free weight reps, Ecore’s fitness flooring supports it all. Our high-performance athletic surfaces are easy to install, simple to clean, and will make your room look beautiful.

Play icon
Play Surfaces

Ecore’s play surfaces are designed to make any activity fun and safe. Our long-lasting flooring provides durability, safety, ergonomics, and acoustics.

Product benefits

  • Slip resistance icon Slip resistant to mitigate falls
  • Durable icon Able to withstand traffic and impact abuse
  • Maintains form under heavy impacts
  • Range of colors icon Available in a range of colors

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