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Product Specs


51mm (2") x 15' 2" wide x Custom Length 

  1. 1
    Surface Layer

    TenCate U.V. resistant XWRD monofilament and TenCate U.V. resistant XPS Plus woven with a unique blend of 13 oz/yd² of U.V. stable PP and PE weft/warp fibers for the base structure.

    Infill Sand (4.3 lbs/SF) and Rubber (2.2 lbs/SF) infill mixture


12mm (.47") x 48" (1.22m)

  1. 2
    TurfShok ShockPad

    12mm VCR TurfShok

Total Product Thickness: 63mm

Product Specs

The superior turf system

Play your best on a filed that provides superior ball playability and reduces force from impacts. All while being 100% recyclable.  

Force Reduction

The amount of energy this surface absorbs.


Energy Restitution

The amount of useful energy this surface returns.

*ASTM F3189-20 typical values


Key Features

  • Made with reclaimed rubber material
  • Inlaid Logos/Designs Available
  • Returns Energy to User
  • Significantly Reduces Impact Force
  • Durable
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Fully Recyclable at End of Life

Performance Qualities

9 out of 10


The ability to mitigate injury and protect the body.

9 out of 10


The support provided in the form of force reduction and energy restitution. 

Color Options

Inlaid Lines and Logos are available in Field Green, Black, Red, Bright Yellow, White, Vegas Gold, Brown, Navy Blue, Florida Blue, Orange, Blue Lagoon, Red Clay, Crimson, Bluple, Tan.

*Minimums and upcharges apply for full fields in one of the above accent colors. 


Field Green/Lime Green
Field Green/Lime Green
Field Green/Lime Green