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Female runner on an outdoor running track stretching her legs before her run.

About our Vulcanized Calendered Rubber

Ecore’s calendered rubber is poured into a mold, and rolled into sheets to achieve a desired thickness and texture. This makes it an extremely versatile option for health and wellness, medical, athletic, and fitness spaces or buildings. Especially for indoor or outdoor areas that need regular cleaning and sanitizing, easy maintenance, and a higher degree of safety, calendered rubber offers a non-porous surface that provides superior slip resistance and has a lower friction coefficient.

Calendered Rubber product benefits

  • Slip resistant when dry Slip resistant when dry
  • Lower friction coefficient Lower friction coefficient
  • Non-porous Non-porous
  • Suitable for high foot traffic and heavy equipment use Suitable for high foot traffic and heavy equipment use
  • Sound absorption Sound absorption

Our Calendered Rubber products

From hospitals and laboratories to outdoor tracks and indoor fitness areas, our surfaces made of calendered rubber offer the comfort, durability, and safety you need.