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Aerial view of an outdoor soccer field at dusk surrounded by trees and buildings.

Durable turf surfaces for athletic fields

Design the athletic field of your dreams with the Built On Site Surface (BOSS) Systems collection. Our turf surfaces are extremely durable and provide impressive shock absorption to support any competitive or high-impact sport. With the option to add custom lines and logos, you can customize any sports or athletic field to look just the way you want. 

BOSS Systems collection products


The BOSS Systems collection is a premier turf surface that offers supreme force reduction and ball playability, so it can be used for football fields, soccer fields, indoor sports, and multipurpose athletic fields.


Designed to support grit and determination, Ecore’s athletic flooring wins every time. With superior safety and ergonomic design, our flooring helps athletes perform at their best.

Product benefits

  • Suitable for outdoor use Suitable for outdoor use
  • Inlaid logos/designs available Inlaid logos/designs available
  • Returns energy to user Returns energy to user
  • Significantly reduces impact force Significantly reduces impact force
  • Durable Durable
  • Made with reclaimed rubber material Made with reclaimed rubber material