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Ensure safety and durability with Ecore’s ski and skate surfaces

Ecore's ski and skate flooring ensures lasting durability, exceptional blade resistance, and unparalleled safety for skaters. Engineered with safety in mind, it provides a reliable surface to minimize the risk of slips or falls, making it the ideal choice for both athletes and recreational users.

Minimize the risk of slips and falls
Ensure safety and durability from the locker room to the rink

Ecore's ski and skate rubber flooring is engineered with premium material that boasts exceptional blade resistance, enhancing durability, and longevity.

Composition Rubber

Elevate your environment with Ecore's premium vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) flooring solutions.

Calendered Rubber

Revamp your space with Ecore's Calendered Rubber Flooring—style and easy cleaning in one. When used in ski and skate applications, the ComPact-Fleck (E) version must be used.