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Close-up of a person seated on a bench, resting in a gym with kettlebells in background.

Flooring that can carry its own weight

It takes a strong floor to support those who are focused on strength and conditioning exercises. Whether your clients are weightlifting, powerlifting, or powering through knee drills or plyometric jumps, you need a durable floor that’s tough enough to withstand repetitive and heavy weight impact. Ecore's athletic flooring is long lasting, absorbs shock, prevents falls, and is easy to clean.

Durable flooring for your toughest fitness areas


No matter the number of reps, presses, or curls – Ecore’s rubber flooring isn’t designed to quit. Our athletic flooring absorbs shock and sound so athletes can focus on the task at hand.


Ecore brings unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to your fitness center. Whether it’s powerlifting or Olympic lifting, our flooring absorbs impact to keep athletes safe, while dampening weight drops for a focused environment.

Speed & Agility
Speed & Agility

For those who are determined to go farther, faster – Ecore’s rubber athletic surfaces are tailored to provide excellent energy restitution and comfort underfoot.

Envision your new athletic space with Ecore

Blueprint of strength and conditioning facility featuring Ecore flooring options in each room or space