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Hockey players entering an arena, lit dramatically from above, for a night game.

Meet our high-performance Composition Rubber

Unlike other materials, Ecore’s process for creating Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) helps retain the natural performance benefits of rubber. We start with reclaimed rubber (diverted from landfills and incineration), transform it into different-sized pellets, and then cure the material in a cylindrical roll, resulting in a high-performance rubber surface. This process results in better energy restitution, force reduction, and optimal performance so athletes can train, play, or work out with less impact on their joints.

Composition Rubber product benefits

  • Mitigates scuffing & scratching Mitigates scuffing & scratching
  • Slip resistant when wet or dry Slip resistant when wet or dry
  • Enhanced force reduction & energy restitution Enhanced force reduction & energy restitution
  • Porous Porous
  • Durable Durable

Our Composition Rubber products

From ski and skate areas to pickleball courts and fitness gyms, we have a range of athletic surfaces made of composition rubber that all provide a consistent, high-performance surface that looks, feels, and sounds great.