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An older man high-fiving another older man as he completes his workout in a fitness studio.

Surfaces that keep senior communities in motion

Selecting the right flooring is essential to keeping your senior community safe, active, and happy for years to come. Ecore provides performance floors with added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits for every space in your senior-living facility. From common areas to fitness centers, lap pools, and more – Ecore has surfaces designed to enhance senior living.

Flooring engineered to support senior care

Senior Care & Active Aging
Senior Care & Active Aging

Ecore designs easy-to-clean flooring that prevents falls, absorbs impact, and dampens noise, so you can enhance the safety, ergonomics, and acoustics of your senior care facility's living spaces.

Envision your new senior care facility with Ecore

Blueprint of senior living facility featuring Ecore flooring options in each room or space