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Woman doing an ab crunch on a black mat on top of a vinyl tile surface.

About our itsTRU® Performance Vinyl Tile

Performance Vinyl Tile (PVT) is much more than a luxury vinyl tile. It encompasses the elegance and style you want for your studio, gym, therapy facility, or community centre – but with unparalleled performance. With 5mm of VCR base layer, it provides higher force reduction and greater comfort, and provides superior energy restitution, giving energy back to bodies. With itsTRU® Performance Vinyl Tile, your surface will absorb 10.6% of the force of impact, instead of the body absorbing 100% of that impact. Plus, it’s made with our itsTRU® Technology – resulting in considerable noise reduction, and no need to install a subfloor. 

itsTRU® Performance Vinyl Tile product benefits

  • Easy to maintain and sanitize Easy to maintain and sanitize
  • Ideal friction for athletic deceleration Ideal friction for athletic deceleration
  • Hygienic through heat-welded installation Hygienic through heat-welded installation
  • Reduces structure-borne noise Reduces structure-borne noise
  • Lower in-room impact sound Lower in-room impact sound

Our itsTRU® Vinyl Tile products

A revolutionary addition to Ecore’s product offering, PVT is a vinyl tile product that simply performs better. It’s safer, quieter, and more ergonomic than traditional luxury vinyl products – plus, it’s easy to install.